Morningstar ProStar Series Charge Controllers is the leading mid-range pulse width modulation (PWM) controller on the market. Generation 3 expands on the proven controller by adding data and lighting control capabilities, a graphical interface and advanced protection. Morningstar ProStar Generation 3 will meet the needs of the most demanding off-grid solar applications.


Morningstar ProStar Charge Controller offers reliability with cutability in the same device. Dip switches, meter interface and connection with a computer allow the user to adjust charging, load communication and lighting controls. MODBUS communication protocol allows for control and remote data access to the 256 days of solar charge and load consumption data. Two ratings with adjustable 12V or 24V are available with or without a built in meter.

  • 15A, 30A
  • 12/24V
  • Low voltage disconnect
  • LVD Load control
  • PWM (Pulse-width Modulation) Regulation
  • Ground
  • Data port
  • Digital display and Meter offered on PS-15M and PS-30M models
  • Adjustable regulation voltage
  • #6AWG Max wire size
  • 22/25mA Consumption
  • -40 to 60 deg C Temperature
  • CE