OGRE AGM Sealed Lead Acid Batteries were created for the demands of the most remote sites. OGRE Deep Cycle batteries meet the demands for a robust, reliable battery that can withstand the power drain and harsh environments required in Off-Grid applications. OGRE offers three popular battery sizes, 26AH, 110AH and 260AH.


OGRE Batteries are a deep cycle series, maintenance free, heavy duty plate construction, premium electrolyte suspension system using optimized acid to weight ratio, internally threaded terminations, with handle, an off-grid bestseller, proven in the coldest winters to the hottest summers.

OGRE Battery OE1226: AGM Sealed Lead Acid 12V 26AH

OGRE Battery OE12110: AGM Sealed Lead Acid 12V 110AH

OGRE Battery OE12260: AGM Sealed Lead Acid 12V 260AH



“The OGRE battery is awesome. The price is right and the battery life is excellent in the field. I have OGRE batteries that have been in the field for three plus years and are still running strong. I prefer the OGRE battery over any other brand.”

-Leroy Martinez, Senior Automation Technician for EnerVest Operating