OleumTech WT-LL3 Transmitter and Level Sensor offers industry leading 3-in-1 monitoring capability of product, interface and temperature in a single unit. Using OleumTechs OTC Wireless Resistive Transmitter with integral local display the WT-LL3 delivers unmatched performance, relability and accuracy in the most extreme outdoor conditions. The WT-LL3-T and WT-LL3-DT options are compatible with 1/4″ resolution while the WT-LL3 and WT-LL3-D utilize 1/2″ resolution sensors. All OleumTech OTC Wireless devices use the same replaceable battery back preventing lost down time in the event of a power failure. OleumTech replaceable battery packs are able to last up to 10 years with normal usage of the device.


The Resistive Level Sensors are ideal for use as oil level sensors, water level sensors for storage tanks that contain either or both liquid densities. These level instruments are widely used in oil production tank batteries, condensate tanks, water treatment centers, petrochemical and chemical-making plants, wastewater handling and storage facilities, refineries, and power generating plants.

  • Monitor product, interface & temperature using a single Resistive Tank Level Sensor
  • Advanced local LCD display interface
  • Up to a 10-year battery life
  • ± 1/8” accuracy on 1/4“ resolution sensor* (T option)
    *API 18.2-compliant
  • ± 1/4” accuracy on 1/2“ resolution sensor
  • Flex (PTFE) or rigid (316 SS) sensor option
  • Multiple liquid compatibility
  • Sensor requires a one-time only calibration
  • Installs in minutes: Quick Connect eliminates sensor wiring error and hassle
  • Highly resistant to H2S damage, scaling, and paraffin buildup (Limited lifetime warranty, please contact your OleumTech representative
    for details)
  • Supports Over-the-Air (OTA) functionality for updating the device configuration/calibration (900 MHz only)
  • Self-contained, rugged design, IP66
  • Sensor supports a wide temperature range
  • -40 ˚C to 120 ˚C (-40 ˚F to 248 ˚F)
  • 900/915 MHz range: Up to 1.4 Miles / 2.3 km with Clear Line of Sight
  • 2.4 GHz range: Up to 1.9 Miles / 3.1 km with Clear Line of Sight
  • 868 MHz range: Up to 1.5 Miles / 2.4 km with Clear Line of Sight
  • Secure AES encryption
  • Class I, Division 1 (Zone 0), Intrinsically Safe
  • US Patent #6,967,589 & #8,763,455 B1