FORT COLLINS, Colo., Jan. 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Automation-X, Inc. (Auto-X) is pleased to announce that as of December 30th, 2022, they are now a 100% employee-owned company through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Auto-X was founded in 2003 and today is the leader in turnkey automation solutions in Industrial markets throughout the United States. They are headquartered in Fort Collins, CO, with 14 locations strategically located throughout the US.

The ESOP is designed to assist Auto-X employees in their retirement and provide them with a financial stake in the company. They believe that shared ownership will continue to promote a positive culture which will result in the continued success of Auto-X. In addition, the ESOP will enable employees of Auto-X to provide innovative solutions and exceptional service, which will positively impact their customers and partners. Customers will now be working with an employee-owner, an individual who is invested in the success of Auto-X.

“Our talented employees set us apart at Auto-X,” says Chairman of the Board Dan Schultejann. “We want our employees to think and act like owners, which will directly benefit from Auto-X’s continued success.” Board Member Alex Schultejann adds, “Auto-X strives to create a cohesive culture, many of our employees have been with us for most of their careers. The ESOP will position the company with sustainable, long-term growth while enhancing our employees’ work lives and financial futures.”

“I am proud to work at a company that is invested in its employees, and I am also excited for our new employee-owners. Dan and Alex have provided employees with a fantastic gift of independence and ownership by providing an avenue for employees to become company owners. Dan and Alex will remain with the company, focusing on strategy, and will be members of our Board of Directors,” says President Carl MacKinnon.

The change in ownership will enable Auto-X to recruit new talent while retaining experienced and dedicated employees. Research shows that employee-owned companies tend to outperform competitors in terms of productivity, customer satisfaction, and employee retention.

Auto-X will celebrate 20 years in 2023, it is a new chapter for the company, but with this change, they have positioned the company to continue to be the leader in the industrial automation segment.

About Automation-X, Inc.

Founded in 2003, Automation-X, Inc. provides not only top tier automation products but industrial automation solutions. Off-grid power solutions, RTU and PLC panel designs, and instrumentation outfitting are amongst the many solutions we offer. Equipped with a staff that is highly trained and knowledgeable, not only on the products, but their integration into your specific design requirements. Since its founding, the company has expanded to 14 locations across Colorado, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. 

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