The AMI 310BX Model Gas Analyzer is AMI’s newest generation Trace O2 Analyzer. Its patented technologies and superior design deliver reliable and accurate O2 measurements under harsh conditions. Wall Mount or 2″ Pipe mount allow for the 210BX to fit in the desired location any many applications. 10-24VDC and 100-240VAC in both heated and non-heated are options to fit your needs. Standard or optional ranges allow for 8 user selected outputs in up to 115 degree F ambient operational temperature. Heated types can withstand -20 degree F or -40 degree F with optional extreme weather enclosure.


Eliminator Cell Block

  • Contains a Complete Sample System with all components, including the flow meter, metering valve, pressure sensor and 3-way Selection (Sample/Span/Off) Valve, fully integrated


2 fully adjustable concentration alarms with configurable Alarm logic and Relay Contacts, featuring:

  • Alarm Bypass
  • Latching/Non-latching
  • Alarm Delays
  • Failsafe/Non-failsafe
  • Trigger Above or Below Setpoint
  • Open or Close on Alarm

Internal Pressure Sensor

  • Measures gas inlet pressure from 0 – 150 psig

Analog Outputs

  • 1 − 5 VDC and 4 − 20mA isolated output signals and Modbus bi-directional RS485 communication

Command Center

Software that works across AMI’s Analyzers and gives users access to advanced functions:

  • Error Status Display
  • Alarm Configurations
  • Data Logger (records H2S measurements, temperature, psig, and power)
  • Calibration Details


  • Demister
  • Analyzer Guardian
  • Extreme Weather Enclosure