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ABB Gas Flow Computer Totalflow 800" DP x 1500psi CS w/RTD

AX 5 code: -67578
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ABB Gas Flow Computer Totalflow 67578: 6213Y, Y: NRTL/C certified to install in Class I, Div 2 area, 1JB: nomenclature, uFlo6213 G5, Div 2, NRTL/C, 3LC: G5 uFlo selection 3LC, 2IV: enclosure assy, 6213, 90X: MMI external, PCCU serial, 9M: selectable RS232 or RS485 for uFLO6213, 20L: no additional I/O expansion board, 476IYC: IMV G5, carbon steel, accuracy .075%, flow is right to left/absolute pressure on high (model # cross ref 4XXIYC), DP = 800, AP = 1500, 8G: mounting kit, for 2” pipe mount or wall mount, * 11N: RTD probe assembly, 10’, stainless steel, braid (standard pick), 26CP: tag, uFLO G5, 6213 size enclosure, 2KH: flash, standard app, G5 uFlo, 3KO: config file, US, AGA3, uFLO G4/G5, std pick, 22C: flash, boot 1, secure with keys, 23B: flash, OS, Linux 3.12.X, AP02: - additional software apps, if more than 2 free apps are required, user selectable, model number: uFLO6213Y-1JB-3LC-2KH-90X-9M-20L-476IYC-5A-6A-8G-10A-11N-12AXX-13AA-14A-25A-26CP-2KH-3KO-22C-23B-AP02-46A-NST00-6900-91A-92A. Call for pricing
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